Meet the Pack


Hammy is the alpha of the pack and the oldest, but there’s no real proof of that! Rabun Paws 4 Life Animal Shelter found this gorgeous girl just after she had her last litter of pups.  The year was 2013 and, back in those days, she went by the alias of Xena. Soon after, Paws 4 Life brought her to an animal rescue fair where she would find her furever home! It was a warm day in June, that Hammy shed all her previous aliases for the man that would soon become her favorite human in all the universe. Hammy is a vivid dreamer who loves to be pet and isn’t afraid to remind you if you happen to forget! Hammy loves a full house so she is ecstatic that her pack has recently doubled.







Nala has two speeds, mania or cuddle bug. She loves everyone, sometimes a little too much. Like Oso, she has an affinity for the short baby humans. She was rescued from Cherokee County Animal Shelter in late 2013 after being picked up as a stray. I’d had Tucker about 6 months before I saw a news report about a family pitbull that was shot by an officer responding to an accidental 911 call. I knew then that I wanted to rescue a pit! I wanted a dog that could be an ambassador for the breed. (Tucker doesn’t have the jaw or blocky head that usually defines them.) Nala is my crazy sun goddess! She enjoys sleeping in late and laying in any ray of sun she can find. Be warned, she will attack you… with kisses! 







Oso has a forever puppy face that just drives the ladies wild! Only a few months after Paul had rescued Hammy, he got a call from a friend about a puppy that was hanging out around a dumpster. Paul took Oso to the vet and learned that he was about a year old, despite being only 19lbs. Oso stayed at the vet for several days to rehydrate and start deworming. With a new family and Hammy playing nursemom, Oso’s health improved steadily until his full personality was able to shine through. He is now a fluffy 50lbs (he earned his chunk!) When Oso isn’t napping you can find him chewing on nylabones. He truly enjoys meeting human babies (told you he’s a lady’s man!) and harassing the dog that lives on the other side of the fence.








Tucker is the biggest mutt of the pack. Although he may not look it, a DNA test revealed that he is mostly Staffordshire Terrier! Tucker also has another 30+ breeds mixed in. Tucker was born in Alabama in February 201. Somehow, he found his way to Atlanta Humane Society – Mansell Campus and was given the name BJ. Due to a bad case of ringworm he had just recently become available for adoption when I decided to visit the shelter on June 6th. After reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, I knew I wanted to name a dog after Tucker Max. He would soon grow up to embody his namesake in many ways. Tucker enjoys stirring up trouble but is rarely caught taking part in the mischief. He is also always quick to point out that he is innocent. He is a forever momma’s boy, unless dad is handing out free chin scratches!