How do you sleep with all those dogs?

How do we sleep with 4 dogs? It’s really quite simple, we don’t.

Sleeping with 4 dogs, believe it or not, was one of the big conversation pieces Paul and I had before I moved in. You see, Paul is allergic to dog dander… yes, a man that lives with 4 dogs is allergic to dogs! This fact alone could probably be it’s own post but, in an effort to stay on topic, I am only saying this to explain that Hammy and Oso did not typically sleep in bed with Paul. On occasion he would let them sleep in bed, but typically they slept on the couch and were given their own personal travel pillow when it was time to go to bed. Whereas, Nala and Tucker had been use to sleeping with me. Tucker and Nala occasionally slept on the big dog bed or the couch but they grew up with the option to sleep with me and normally they opted in! Most of the time, Nala would go to bed before me and I would be the one crawling in bed with her and coaxing Tucker to join us.

Left to Right: Hammy, Nala, Oso and Tucker All dogs are ready for one of their first doggie sleepovers

We currently have a queen bed and, prior to moving in, there was one time that I was able to talk Paul into letting all the dogs sleep with us during one of our sleepovers. It lasted less than 5 minutes. The bed might be fit for a queen but it was not meant for 2 humans and 4 dogs. As soon as one dog would get comfortable another would move and then you’d hear another grumbling and we quickly realized even if the 4 dogs found a spot to be comfortable, we weren’t going to get much sleep. It was after this failed attempt at co-sleeping that I agreed that the dogs should sleep in the living room. I told myself that, after I moved in, I would sleep in the spare room one night a week so I could sleep with all 4 dogs. It has been just over 8 weeks since I officially moved in and I have yet to sleep in the spare bedroom to be with all 4 dogs, but I have taken naps with all 4!

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We bought a few more travel pillows and now all 4 dogs have their own pillow. Paul let’s everyone out to pee and gets them settled down before he comes to bed. In the morning, Tucker and Nala are more likely to have moved than the other two. Nala likes to sneak off and sleep on the bed in the spare room and Tucker is a wild card, he might be in a new spot on the couch, in a dog bed or with Nala. Lately, Tucker and Oso have both taken to sneaking into the bedroom before I go to bed. They are total momma’s boys that count on me not kicking them out and gambling on how set Paul will be to kick them out as soon as he comes to bed. We were relatively content with the semi-routine when we discovered that dog bunk beds are totally a thing!

I’m sure when we finally undertake the task of building the dog bunk bed, it will generate more than enough material to share so keep an eye out for a future post about the adventures of building a dog bunk bed! In the mean time, I’d love to learn more about you! Where do(es) your dog(s) sleep?

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4 thoughts on “How do you sleep with all those dogs?

  1. Currently both Sampson and Delilah sleep in my room with me. Although sometimes one of them stays in the living room when I go to bed, they usually end up coming into my room. Sometimes one of them will climb on the bed and start the night there, but for the most part, one or both of them are on dog beds on the floor. Unless I get really lucky and one decides to stay the night with me.

    I can’t wait to see those bunk beds!

    1. I just mentioned to Paul that we need to make them a priority! With the holidays around the corner it may be a stretch but I’m hoping to build them before the end of the year!

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