How Many Dogs is Too Many?

For years I joked that, one day,  I would love to own 5 dogs. However, when day dreaming about my life with 5 dogs, I was imagining that we would live in a modest house on 2+ acres of land. In my reality, in which I do not own any land, I knew it would be hard to adopt more than the two dogs. In fact, when Paul and I first started dating we joked that we couldn’t get serious any time soon! Living together wouldn’t be an option with 4 dogs between us.  That would be crazy, right?! The longer we dated the more I talked about having a doggy date day because I was falling for this man and I needed to make sure our pups got along!

We’d been casually dating for well over 6 months when we finally got around to having a doggy date in March of 2016. We met up at Wills Park to introduce the dogs on neutral territory before heading back to Paul’s to continue hanging out. The day was a success and everyone seemed pretty happy about making new friends! Below is one of the pictures from that first doggy date, can you guess who is the most beta?

We had one or two more successful play dates that month. These confirmed there was no longer any reasons that Paul and I couldn’t get serious. I had made such a fuss about not wanting to be in a relationship. I knew I would have to be the one that broached the topic. Naturally, I decided there was no better way to do that then to involve my furbabies. So, less than a month after our first doggy play date, on April, 8th 2016 (because I’m horrible with dates, and who could forget 4-8-16?) I presented Paul with a card that read, “Will You Be My Mom’s Boyfriend (officially?)” and inside it requested, “Please circle Yes or No.” Can you see how much they enjoyed having to sit still with signs around their necks? 

Paul circled yes that day! After another 15+ months, countless play dates and sleepovers, we decided that I should move in. This would combine the two packs for good! My fantasy of 5 dogs on a few acres of land turned into the reality of 4 dogs sharing a 1600 square foot ranch in a suburban neighborhood of North Metro-Atlanta. I honestly can’t imagine that we will ever be lucky enough of have a group of dogs with such adorably eccentric personalities! I felt starting a blog would help me cherish all the moments that come with pack life.

Will we always have 4 dogs? Probably not. We have discussed a maximum of 2 going forward.  After just 6 weeks of living with all 4 dogs I already have doubts about this plan. It is hard to imagine the house with less dogs. Hopefully we wont need to face that decision any time soon. Is 4 dogs too many? Not for us! We are fortunate enough to have the time and the means to support all 4 pups both physically and emotionally. It’s not always easy and I’m sure it isn’t for everyone. For example, try petting 4 dogs when you only have two arms! I wouldn’t trade it for anything but everyone should consider their personal situation before taking on a new pet.

This blog will document our adventures as a pack of 4 rescued pitbull pups. The ups , the downs and all the cleaning that goes with it!

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  1. Awww, what a sweet story! I’ve actually never lived with more than 2, I’ll be interested to see how it all goes. (And even 2 is only when we dog-sit… we’ve only ever owned 1 dog at a time. Oh, wait… one time we did 3 at time since we were dogsitting for both my mom and sis, and I must say, walks were kinda complicated! But other than that it was fun!) The dogs all look really cute together! Hope it continues to go well!

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